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Cashless Midway

Magic Money

Magic Money is an electronic token system held on a Magic Money Band, using an RFID chip. Magic Money Bands are reusable and reloadable, so you can enjoy them throughout the Fair this year and for years to come! Reload your band using the Magic Money App, Magic Money Kiosks or Magic Money Stations located throughout the fairgrounds.

The bands can be purchased in increments of $20, $40, $60, for first-time purchases and reloaded for any amount. Purchased an Unlimited Ride Band? You will receive a Magic Money Band that can be loaded with money for rides, games and food using the App, Kiosks or Stations.

Here are our top ten favorite things about Magic Money!

  • It’s easy to use.
  • Use your reusable band this year and bring it back next year for more fun.
  • Utilize the Magic Money App to monitor your balance and reload.
  • Magic Money Bands are easier to carry around than metal tokens.
  • Magic Money Bands are good for rides, games and food.
  • There are more than 24 reload stations throughout the grounds.
  • Keep your leftover credits from this year to use for next year.
  • Reload your Magic Money Band with cash or credit card.
  • Magic Money Bands are more secure than metal tokens.


Where can I purchase these new electronic tokens?

Electronic tokens are issued by way of a Magic Money Band. These bands can be purchased at the Fairgrounds.

Where can I use my Magic Money Band?

Your Magic Money is good for any ride, game or food vendor on the Fairgrounds.

What are credits good for?

Credits can be used for rides, games or food vendors on the Fairgrounds.

What is the average credit per ride?

Rides and games range from 2-5 credits.

How long are my credits good for?

Credits carry over from day to day during the Fair. If you have extra credits on your Magic Money Band at the end of this Fair, bring it back next year for more thrills.

How do I reload credits?

There are three ways you can reload credits: visit a Ticket Booth, download the Magic Money app or visit a Magic Money kiosk.

Can I use my Magic Money Band every day?

The Magic Money Band is based on credits, as long as you have enough credits you can use your Magic Money Band any time during the Fair! Additional credits can be loaded anytime during the Fair.

*The Unlimited Ride band is only valid for the day of purchase. You can purchase additional Magic Money for more Fair fun!

What if I lose my Magic Money Band?

If you lose your Magic Money Band visit your closest Magic Money Ticket Booth and they will assist you.

Can I get a refund on credits I don’t use?

Credits are non-refundable, but they don’t expire. You can use your credits another day or next year.

Tokens (May be utilized in some locations)

Crabtree Amusements is leading the carnival industry with an all token midway. Token machines are located throughout out midways, and all food, rides and games accept only tokens. Our token machines are convenient, customer friendly and dependable. They operate from open to close and are monitored by an attendant during operating hours.

The benefits of a cashless midway include theft deterrent, increased revenue and total accountability of all rides and concessions. The token machines give a printed receipt of sales for each day at each location. The redeemed tokens from the rides and concessions are counted daily and recorded. You can see exactly where every dollar was spent on our midway!

On occasion, we also provide a token system to cover an event's concessions as well. On all occasions, this has lead to an increase in event revenue. we provide the machines, tokens, machine attendant and accounting personnel. The system can be tailored to fit the needs of your event. Please contact us for additional information.
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