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Safety is top priority at Crabtree Amusements, Inc., and safety begins with knowledge. Crabtree Amusements has a three-level training program overseen by our full-time safety coordinator. All employees are trained and tested prior to operating equipment. Employees also attend weekly safety meetings for continuing education including topics such as personal protection gear, daily inspections, lock-out tag-out procedures and proper electrical connections. Supervisors receive continuing education through safety seminars sponsored by the Amusement Industry Manufacturers and Suppliers International (AIMS) and National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials (NARRSO).

Ride Safety

All rides receive an annual inspections by an independent certified inspector, as well as inspections performed by independent certified inspectors at various events throughout the year. Rides are also inspected by ride supervisors daily prior to operation. Inspections sheets are filled out daily and serve as a check list to make sure that all points of concern are covered daily. Maintenance logs are also updated for each ride daily.
Crabtree Amusements operates a full-time maintenance facility in Texas and a summer maintenance facility in Colorado. These facilities and their staff allow our rides to be maintained year-round. We employ welders, painters, and mechanics to keep our equipment in top shape. We also operate a mobile shop so that repairs can be made on site when necessary, keeping down-time to a minimum.

Employee and Patron Safety

Consciencous employees are a key component to safety. We train our employees on emergency procedures, as well as safe operating procedures. All employees must abide by our no-tolerance drug policy and are tested prior to being hired. They are also subject to random drug screening. We also conduct background checks on all new employees.
Educated patrons are safer patrons. Professional signage informs patrons of the rules and size restrictions of each ride. Wristband rules are also clearly posed at every wristband booth. As a patron, please understand that these rules are for your safety. Not following the rules may lead to injury for you or other patrons.
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