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Trivia on Carnivals

Crabtree Trivia

Did you know Crabtree Amusements is family owned and employs over 80 people? We are currently based out of Texas, however the family is from and has strong ties to the Wyoming and Colorado areas!

Quick Vote Answer

Corn on Cob w/Butter - 179 calories

Cotton Candy

Do you know how many calories are in Cotton Candy? Approximately 220 in 1 - 2.1 oz serving. Guess you will need to walk quickly around the carnival for 58 minutes to burn them up!

Did you know researchers at New York Presbyterian Hospital and Cornell University noticed the size and arrangement of cotton candy filaments mimicked the capillary system? This lead researchers to use this information to help develop a synthetic flesh that could be implanted to supply blood to damaged tissue!

Like Rollercoasters?

Do you know why you like rollercoasters and other amusement rides?

High speeds, drops and turns cause our bodies to pump adrenaline...the same chemical your body produces for fight or flight response. The adrenaline creates a euphoric high...and yes it can become addictive causing you to seek out more roller coasters and thrilling activities.
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