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Cashless Midway

Crabtree Amusements is leading the carnival industry with an all token midway. Token machines are located throughout out midways, and all food, rides and games accept only tokens. Our token machines are convenient, customer friendly and dependable. They operate from open to close and are monitored by an attendant during operating hours.

The benefits of a cashless midway include theft deterrent, increased revenue and total accountability of all rides and concessions. The token machines give a printed receipt of sales for each day at each location. The redeemed tokens from the rides and concessions are counted daily and recorded. You can see exactly where every dollar was spent on our midway!

On occasion, we also provide a token system to cover an event's concessions as well. On all occasions, this has lead to an increase in event revenue. we provide the machines, tokens, machine attendant and accounting personnel. The system can be tailored to fit the needs of your event. Please contact us for additional information.
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